Friday, 25th June 2021

Independent inquiry into the Easter Sunday bombings demanded by Catholic Bishops

Colombo, Aug 14 (BAN/ AD): On Tuesday the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka (CBCSL) has demanded that independent and impartial inquiry should be conducted into the Easter Sunday attacks.

The group of 14 Bishops issued signed statement and urged government to take necessary steps into Easter Sunday terror attacks which killed more than 250 civilians and foreigners and severely injured several hundreds.

The CBCSL said it is unhappy with impartial investigation into attacks.

The statement read “We observe that several committees have been established and their main focus appears to be to find out those responsible for the serious lapses in security. Even though this effort is useful, we insist that as a matter of justice, the final aim of the inquiries should be to ascertain who the perpetrators are and who aided and abetted in any way in this dastardly acts. Unfortunately, we do not see any positive signs in this direction. The report of the Three Member Presidential Commission is yet to see the light of day.”

“However, we are pleased to appreciate and acknowledge the commitment of the Armed Forces and the Police that has made civic life possible despite this gloomy situation.”

“Therefore, we urge once again the government and all political leaders of the country to ensure an independent and impartial inquiry as a matter of utmost urgency. Although various relief efforts of the government are to be appreciated, we wish to reiterate that what is more important is to do justice in this regard, by bringing those responsible before the law of the country expeditiously.

“In this endeavor, all partisan considerations such as ethnicity, religion or any other factor should be shunned,” the statement further said.

“We also wish to appeal to all our people to continue to pray for the country for the restoration of lasting peace and harmony in our dear Motherland.”

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