Sunday, 9th May 2021

India assists Sri Lanka with railway development, Indian High Commision says

British Asia News Network

The Indian High Commission shared that India has committed LInes of Credit worth roughly US  $1.3bn to be used for the development and restoration of railway lines in Sri Lanka.

Indian concessional funding reinstated the arterial railway that connected Northern and Southern Sri Lanka after decades of dispute and hostility. The Southern railway, greatly damaged by the 2004 tsunami, was also rebuilt under the Indian Line of Credit. In addition, India has equipped Sri Lanka with locomotives, carriages and other vehicles to be used on railways, assisted with capacity development of Sri Lankan railway personnel and remains willing and able to aid Sri Lanka in order to fulfill its developmental ambitions as required, the High Commision said

The High Commision confirmed that India signed another Line of Credit Agreement of US $318m in June 2017, under which numerous projects are progressing, including the obtainment of 160 passenger coaches;  renewal of the railway track from Maho to Omanthai and the signal and telecommunication system from Maho to Anuradhapura; and the establishing of a Railway Workshop situated in Ratmalana.


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