Tuesday, 21st September 2021

‘Indian Naval Ship Tabar on Goodwill Visit to Portsmouth, UK

‘Indian Naval Ship Tabar on Goodwill Visit to Portsmouth, UK

Portsmouth (BAN/PR) Indian Navy’s frontline frigate, INS Tabar arrived at Portsmouth harbour on 13 Aug 21 for a good will visit and to undertake the Annual Bilateral Exercise Konkan between the Indian Navy and Royal Navy. Indian Navy and the Royal Navy share historical ties, which have continued to thrive in recent decades. Ships from each side have been visiting each other’s countries regularly and have participated in joint Naval exercises together. The two Navies have carried out bilateral naval exercise ‘Exercise Konkan’, annually since 2004. 

This year’s edition of Exercise Konkan commenced on 12 Aug 21 when Indian Navy and Royal Navy met for exercises at sea, before Tabar entered Portsmouth harbour. During the stay in harbour, the harbour phase of the exercise progressed from 13 to 16 Aug 21. Several professional interactions, sharing of best practices and harbour drills were also conducted. The exercise will continue at sea on 16 Aug 21, wherein Tabar will meet up with the frontline Royal Navy ship (name to be included when confirmed) along with shore based aircraft, for air defence exercises, anti-submarine procedures, replenishment at sea activities, and communication drills at Sea. A highlight of the exercise will be the cross deck helicopter operations, wherein helicopters will carry out landing procedures.

High Commissioner HE Gaitri Issar Kumar said: The Indian Navy and Royal Navy share unique historical ties. They have been conducting  the bilateral naval exercise, ‘Konkan’, every year since 2004. We have been looking forward to the goodwill visit of INS Tabar, a front-line frigate of the Indian Navy. Its joint exercises, along with HMS Westminster of the Royal Navy are aimed at  enhancing  interoperability , synergy and cooperation between both navies . I welcome Captain Mahesh Mangipudi and all Ranks of INS Tabar  . I have no doubt that their visit to Portsmouth, hosted by the Royal Navy  will contribute to further strengthening the friendly contacts and cooperation between both Navies . I wish both INS Tabar and HMS Westminster  a very successful engagement.

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