Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Investigations under way into Easter Sunday bombings, PM asks to be cautious

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Colombo, May 8: PM Ranil Wickremesinghe has said that nation has returned to normalcy within two weeks after the Easter Sunday terror attacks, but still have to be cautious. On Tuesday he said government is taking every possible step to detain the people linked to the attacks, restore the normal life of the people and provide support for industries affected by the attacks while security authorities have been able to improve the security situation at present.

PM said “Yesterday, schools were opened. The Security Forces and the Police have consolidated security in schools. I received a report from the Minister of Education in this regard. We hope that the attendance of schoolchildren will be gradually improved even though it was low yesterday. Likewise, last Sunday, many Christian churches held service. Last Friday, prayers were also made in the Muslim churches. Our security forces have been able to ensure that all this work is done without any hindrance.”

He also mentioned that there are reports that some people who had gone to Syria and joined ISIS. After ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi on June 29, 2014 declared a Muslim State, Muslims around the world had migrated to Syria and Iraq expecting to live in an Islamic State. In 2014, several people from Sri Lanka have also traveled to Syria through Turkey to join ISIS.

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the payment of Rs. 1 million in compensation for those who died as a result of the attacks and Rs. 500,000 for those who were injured as well as the payment of compensation for property damaged.

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