Friday, 25th June 2021

ITC Maurya safety, comfort & luxury

ITC Maurya safety, comfort & luxury

Take a luxurious break right here in the city and feel at ease as you enjoy unparalleled comfort with peace of mind. The hotel promises health, hygiene and safety, designed in collaboration with medical professionals and disinfection experts with its WeAssure programme. One can check into the safety if their rooms are at an extremely competitive and attractive rate which includes three meals.

Ensuring your safety at every turn, high-touch surfaces are frequently sanitised with hospital-grade disinfectants, recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO). DNV’s (one of the world’s leading certification bodies) proprietary infection and emerging pathogen risk-prevention framework has reviewed and helped in further upgrading ITC Hotels’ award-winning hygiene and safety programme rating it with their Platinum Grade Certification.

The result is an elevated health, hygiene, and safety standard for the well-being of guests and associates, which will constantly evolve to meet national and international regulations as well as industry-best practices. The hotel meticulously sanitize’s your private abode with heightened hygiene protocols and utmost attention to in-room safety standards.

Rates: Rs 5000 all inclusive for Single occupancy; Rs 6000 all inclusive double occupancy ( inclusive of three meals and taxes)For room reservations please call on: 1800-102-2333

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