Aries: Mar 21 – Apr 19

Aries sign people might face some problems in going about their routine activities. Your professional or occupational work will move smoothly.  You will feel drawn towards the item of beauty and decoration. You must control the temptation to buy things and save some money.  Do not give unsolicited advice.

Taurus:  Apr 20 – May 20

Taurus sign people will have an easy and comfortable day. You will take good rest and remain calm and peaceful. There will be an inflow of money. Things will move on smoothly in the workplace. There will be synergy between married partners. You will enjoy your partner’s company.

मिथुन राशि

Gemini:  May 21 – June 21

Gemini sign people need to exercise restraint on their food and drinks intake. Their health stars indicate the possibility of indigestion and acidity. There will be a substantial inflow of money. There will be an inflow of money. There will be love and harmony at home.  There will be some chaos in the morning.

Cancer:  Jun 22 – Jul 22

Cancer sign people will remain peaceful and calm. Their work will move on smoothly and as per their wishes on all the fronts.  All your work will come through easily. There will be a peaceful environment at home. Do not share your opinion casually on sensitive issues. Business people may finalise a new deal.

Leo:  Jul 23 – Aug 22

Leo sign people are likely to remain busy with their work. The travel stars are bright even today.  Take precautions if you travel as you are likely to flal ill.  You might help somebody by giving some money. Do not get tempted to get your work done through illegal means. You may get cuaght.

Virgo:  Aug 23 – Sep 22

Virgo sign people will do very well. They will continue to draw benefits from various sources. It will be a day of indulgence and fun. You may party with your friends and will enjoy cooking something special. There will be a cheerful environment throughout the day. A new business offer is on your way.

Libra:  Sep 23 – Oct 22

Libra sign people will make a special on account of the guidance given by their boss or a senior-colleague. There will be an environment of cooperation and good will around you. You will achieve financial stability. Your brother’s help will prove beneficial. You will work hard and complete a lot of pending assignments.

Scorpio:  Oct 23 – Nov 21

Scorpio sign people will take significant steps towards achieving financial stability. The continued inflow of money will relieve them of their stress. You will remain occupied throughout the day. You might feel better if you offer prayer and do the rituals. The patronage of your boss will prove beneficial.

Sagittarius:  Nov 22 – Dec 21

Sagittarius sign people may find this to be a slightly tense day. But things will prove dramatically in the second half. Some of the work may nott give the results that you desire. There is a great need to save your money. You may get tensed about useless things and disturb others’ peace also. Control your mind from negative thoughts.

Capricorn:  Dec 22 – Jan 19

Capricorn sign people will continue to do very well in their professional activities. This will be a day of happiness and fun. The married couples or lovers will make good use of each other’s company. Business people are likely to finalize a new deal which will bear profit in the future.

Aquarius:  Jan 20 – Feb 18

Aquarius sign people are likely to face some health issues. Their energy levels will be down and may not have the desire to do anything.  You may sleep throughout the day. You may get injured so take all the precautions. Others may make silly mistakes and provoke your anger. You must remain peaceful.

Pisces:  Feb 19 – Mar 20

Pisces sign people will get the benefit of the special blessings of money God. You will continue to earn more money than your expectations. Things will move on smoothly in the workplace and you will make several small achievements. Love is in the air for married couples and lovers. There will be peace at home.

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