Tuesday, 22nd June 2021

Kerala's first woman DGP laments her own police complaint overlooked

Kerala's first woman DGP laments her own police complaint overlooked

Thiruvananthapuram, April 28 (IANS) R. Sreelekha, the first woman to become Director General of Police in Kerala in June last year and subsequently retiring in December, on Wednesday aired her displeasure and sadness on how a complaint of hers went unnoticed and unheard for two weeks this month.

Sreelekha gave a detailed account of the incident on her Facebook page.

Stressing that until four months back she was part of the Kerala Police and retired as DGP, she said: “Despite that, even after two weeks of informing over telephone about on how I was cheated by an online company and also sending a complaint to the Museum Police Station, no action came and feeling deeply sad, I am writing it in my Facebook.

Sreelekha said that on April 6, she had placed an online order for a Bluetooth earphone.

On April 14, she got a call stating that her packet is ready for delivery and since it is in Covid times, she was asked to keep the cash ready at the gate of her residence.

The packet was subsequently handed over to her aide, as she was recovering from a surgery.

“As soon as I got the packet, I knew it was a fraud and when I opened it, I saw an old broken earphone. I immediately called back on the number I got for the delivery call. The person said, ‘you can go and give a complaint to the police, but you are not going to get the money back’. I immediately called up the Museum Police station and the officer said he was busy with some big case. Later he called me and heard my complaint and soon I sent my complaint through the e-mail. There was no response from the police for two weeks,” wrote Sreelekha.

She added that lot of her friends and relatives called her up to seek her help to get the police to act.

“Will anyone believe or understand when I say that my own complaint is not being heard. In the past I have had similar experiences from this very same police station when I raised three complaints.

“Today after I put up this Facebook post, I got a call from the Museum Police official and he said they have not got my e-mail complaint and he gave me a new id and I sent it,” she posted.

Sreelekha concluded with a warning to be wary of the website of ‘grimsonz’ and Ekart – the delivery firm and asks all to do online purchases using the cash on delivery option as they can check before paying.



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