Wednesday, 22nd September 2021

Lanka IOC reduces fuel prices

Colombo, Oct 11 (BAN/ AD): On Thursday Ministry of Finance has said it will not revise fuel prices this month according to the fuel price formula. On 10th of every month prices of fuel are revised in as per the government’s fuel price formula.

Senior Deputy Secretary to the Treasury who chairs the fuel prices committee met yesterday and has decided to retain the current fuel prices without revising since the price of crude oil had not changed in the world market.

Fuel prices are as below:

Octane 92 – Rs 137

Octane 95 – Rs 161

Auto Diesel – Rs 104

Super Diesel – Rs 132

The new prices of IOC fuel are as follows;

Auto Diesel – Rs 104

Super Diesel – Rs 132

Octane 92 petrol – Rs 142

Extra Premium Euro-3 Petrol – Rs 148

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