Friday, 6th August 2021

Lanka’s new Ocean University gets additional funding from South Korea

Colombo, Oct 01 (BAN/ AD): Minister Rishad Bathiudeen has said Lanka’s largest vocational skilling project has increased investment upto 60.

The Country Director of Korea Exim Bank told “Due to some important revisions and re-assessments on ground, the project value has been boosted by another US$ 30 million to total at US$ 80 million. This is a very large project.”

On August 21 Minister Bathiudeen, announced the plan to set up a fully-fledged Ocean University in Sri Lanka with Korean support. He said “The Ocean University we have at present is not a complete university. We are planning to set up a fully-fledged Ocean University at a cost of US$ 50 million. We will be able to start work on it in the coming weeks.”

The location of this new University will be at Mattakkuliya. The University will be constructed at the estuary of Kelani River in Mattakkuliya.

Minister Bathiudeen said as for the main University, the project feasibility study on Sri Lanka’s side has been finalized and awaiting for the go-ahead from South Korean project unit.

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