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London: A potluck to rejoice and revel over the diversity that London stands for and bringing friends, neighbours and strangers to share a bond over a meal – this was the idea behind launching a “Multi-cultural friends group” by the charity Women and Girls Empowerment Support – WAGES.

Launched in the Vice President Anju Narang’s house in Acton, the event brought together around thirty people to share the perfect elements to start a friendship in every culture – music, food, laughter and dance.

Seema Malhotra MP, took out time amidst her extremely busy political calling to support the initiative undertaken by the President Raazia Hameed and Vice President Anju Narang.


Everyone got a dish to represent their country of origin. “I really enjoyed the multi-cultural friends bring a dish event. I have got an opportunity to meet new individuals from different walks of life and of course enjoyed world famous cuisines as well. Great experiences, thanks to Anju and Razia for organising these events. I wish to attend again,” said Tahir Mahmud.


Rawiya Fankat one of the participants thanked WAGES stating: “Thank you WAGES for launching a multicultural London friends, fun and food event. It was lovely to celebrate all cultures together. Having so much fun, laugh, music and dance together.”

Aurangzeb said: “In a multicultural and diverse society, there are countless ways in which people negotiate the everyday lived experience and reality of diversity.” The idea is to celebrate as many cultures as possible – to help understand each other, build bonds and friendships that will enrich our lives and those around us. The evening of shared meal was the start to something much bigger and better in the upcoming events.

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