Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

Lebanese PM urges citizens to stop protests against lockdown

Beirut, Jan 27 (IANS) Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Wednesday urged the citizens to stop destroying public properties and attacking the country’s army during their protests against the total lockdown and political deadlock, the National News Agency reported.

“The government is neither formed nor disrupted by burning tires, blocking roads, attacking state institutions, and targeting internal security forces and the Lebanese army,” Diab said during a meeting for the ministerial committee in charge of the vaccination campaign in Lebanon, Xinhua reported.

Several demonstrations were witnessed all over the country in the past few days, namely in Tripoli, Lebanon’s largest northern city, in protest against the total lockdown.

Tuesday’s protests in Tripoli led to the injury of 76 people and the arrest of five people.

Diab noted that the pandemic is spreading rapidly and the total lockdown has helped in avoiding a national disaster in absence of sufficient hospital beds for infected people.

The Prime Minister said that the Lebanese army has started a second round of distributing 266 US dollars to 250,000 families to reduce the suffering of citizens amid the lockdown.



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