Friday, 24th September 2021

Mahinda Rajapaksa : Muslims should stop Arabization of their culture

Colombo, June 8 (BAN/ AD): Mahinda Rajapaksa, on Saturday urged Muslim community to stop the Arabization of their culture and return to the traditional Sri Lankan Muslim culture. At a meeting with 9 Muslim leaders who had resigned from Council of Ministers in protest against the targeting Muslims post Easter Sunday attacks carried out by the Jehadi National Tawheed Jamath (NTJ) Rajapaksa said.

He targeted the Sirsena-Wickremsinghe government that it failed to protect innocent Muslims,He added saying Muslims as a community should also do some introspection and ask what they themselves had done to incur the people’s wrath.

Rajapaksa replied to Ex ministers who said that they had complained about the extremists to the police,He said the problem was deeper than the activities of a few Jehadists. The Lankan Muslims have increasingly moving towards Arabization of the community and are loosing community’s Sri Lankan identity.

He further explained Arabization had taken away the Muslim community from the other communities in Sri Lanka. When the Muslim leaders said that the Arabic element is part of Muslim culture, Rajapaksa said that Sri Lankan Muslims had their own indigenous culture and its Arabization started only ten or 15 years ago. He said he knows what traditional Muslim culture is, because in his home district Hambantota, there is a significant Muslim community.

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