Friday, 25th June 2021

Military drill to boost counter-terror capability by Indo- Lankan army

British Asia News Network-AD

Colombo: In an attempt to prepare for terror attacks army of Sri Lanka and India have begun 2 week long military exercise.

The ‘Mitra Shakti – VI’ annual exercise is designed to help army relations this activity is being conducted. Around 120 Indian Army soldiers and as many Sri Lanka Army personnel are taking part in the drill.

This drill exercise is aimed at sharing knowledge on military tactics, experience, exchange of infantry technicalities, counter-terrorism practices, long-range reconnaissance patrol, small group operations, effective employment of infantry weapons, simulated attacks on terrorist hideouts, suicide bombing and improvised explosive devices, officials said.

The contingent of the Indian Army personnel, led by Colonel Parthasarathy Roy, Colonel Sombit Ghosh, Major Pujam Manhas and Major Rohith Kumar Tripathi were warmly received.

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