Thursday, 16th September 2021

Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka dismisses allegation of RAW connection

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Sri Lanka: Sustainable Development, Wildlife and Regional Development Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said that he did not believe that any Cabinet Minister had connections with India’s Research and Wing (RAW) Agency.

Speaking at a press brief held at the UNP Headquarters yesterday, Minister Fonseka pointed out that, while it would be wrong to divulge the specifics of a Cabinet meeting to media, it is equally wrong to label a Cabinet Minister for having connections with a foreign intelligence agency.

Fonseka made these observations in relation to the concerns raised about an information leakage regarding a recent Cabinet meeting.

“This argument came up when this journalist concerned mentioned that she spoke with four ministers in reference to a recent Cabinet meeting. If by any chance all these ministers are connected to the RAW agency, it also implies that this journalist too has a connection with the RAW.

But for me, this whole story is unaaceptable,” Minister Fonseka said. “You all must know, that the RAW agency is a very advanced, professional and dedicated establishment, even superior to our intelligence units. Recently, Wimal Weerawansa was claiming that an Indian, who is suspected to be a RAW member, was trying to meet him at his house. RAW does not employee unprofessional people as such.” Minister Fonseka pointed out.

“We are still unclear of the journalist’s claim as well. Let’s say some ministers did speak with this journalist, but that does not mean we can stamp them for having connection with the RAW.

If they leaked information about a Cabinet meeting, it is definitely wrong. But, just because one spoke to the media, nobody can label them as having connections with the RAW,” Minister Fonseka further added.

When asked about Minister Mahinda Amaraweera’s recent claim that the Cabinet Ministers who leaked information about the Cabinet meeting also have had connections to the RAW, Minister Fonseka said that all arguments brought out by politicians have not always been correct or true.

“I am sure my good friend Minister Amaraweera brought this argument depending on what the journalist said about speaking to four ministers. I am sure you know that all arguments that politicians bring forth are not essentially correct or particularly true,” Minister Fonseka said.


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