Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Modi visit is proof that island nation is safe: John Amaratunga

Colombo, Jun 26 (BAN): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka is proof that the country is safe, Tourism Minister John Amaratunga said.

“India’s Prime Minister Modi came to Sri Lanka and it is the proof that Sri Lanka is safe. He visited churches TAGS ISIS Sri Lanka Tourism minister there, according to Daily Mirror news.

He was cordial and comfortable and what is a better proof of safety than that,” Amaratunga told news agency

Modi paid a stopover visit to Sri Lanka earlier this month on his way back to India from the Maldives.

Amaratunga’s statement came after over two months of deadly Easter Sunday attack which targeted eight locations, including three churches, killing more than 250 people.

Talking about the impact of the terror attack which took place on April 21 in Sri Lanka, he said, “Sri Lanka is the same as was before the blast. However, our intelligence was quick enough within 10 days to apprehend who supported ISIS criminals who destroyed churches and hotel in Sri Lanka.” Negating the impact of ongoing emergency in Sri Lanka, the minister said the reason the total removal of travel advisory by countries is because of an emergency.

“Emergency has no danger to tourism. We needed to investigate the people behind the attacks. In 2-3 days emergency will be removed. The movement in the city is normal as it was before 21 April,” he added. The minister also discussed tourism incentives for Indians by releasing a package including tickets and hotels at a heavy discount rate of almost 50-60 per cent.

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