Friday, 16th April 2021

Moragahakanda reservoir dam water leak not serious: Chief engineer

Colombo, Jan 02 (BAN/ AD): Project Engineer of Moragahakanda- Kalu Ganga reservoir P.B. Wijerathna has responded to the water leakage report on the upper part of the main dam saying that it not serious issue and the Chinese engineers who built the dam are fixing the issue.

As dam water has reached maximum capacity investigations have begun after the workers and security staff informed the Controller’s Office of a water leak in the upper part of the main dam of Moragahakanda reservoir. The water leak has been continuing for a few days and the Chinese engineers in charge of the main dam are swiftly taking steps to stop the leak.

Project Director of Moragahakanda and Kalu Ganga Reservoir Project, Engineer Wijeratne assured that water leak is not serious issue and there is no need for people to be alarmed.

He told “The leak was observed when the reservoir was filled up to about a meter from the top. The wall is made of 25 meters-high blocks which have water bars. A small leak was observed in one of them in the last meter. It’s normal.”

Moragahakanda- Kalu Ganga project is the largest multi-purpose development project built after four decades.

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