Monday, 12th April 2021

Most vulnerable rural communities to be supported by World Food Programme

Colombo, Aug 23 (BAN/ AD): Most vulnerable rural communities will be supported by World Food Programme (WFP) through its innovative and sustainable new project – R5. WFP will be targeting vulnerable rural communities to withstand natural shocks, reduce and mitigate climate Risk Reduction through the reconstruction of productive assets, and ensure recovery and diversification of livelihoods.

V. Sivagnanasothy, secretary, Ministry of National Policies and Youth Affairs and Brenda Barton, Representative and Country Director, World Food Programme signed MOU on 21 August.

V. Sivagnanasothy said “R5 takes a coherent and cohesive food systems approach which multiples positive outcomes for communities and small-scale entrepreneurs, collectively tackling short-term hunger, and leading to food security interventions and sustainable, climate-smart assets and skills.”

The R5 project strengthens the capacities, assets and systems of the country’s most vulnerable rural households and communities to more effectively prepare for, withstand and recover from frequent climate shocks, thus contributing towards achieving zero hunger.

The program is also supported by US$ 200,000 technical assistance to support small holder farmers in Thanamalwila and Siyambalanduwa in Monaragala district.

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