Monday, 12th April 2021

MP says Sri Lanka ready to surrender to American imperialism

Colombo, Jul 16(BAN/CD): Speaking at the conference “Rata Yana Atha 2020” held in Wariyapola yesterday (July 15) UPFA MP Salinda Dissanayake noted that the country is getting ready to surrender to American imperialism.

He noted that the leaders of the present day with no effort whatsoever are ready to surrender to America and have signed various agreements for it such as SOFA, ACSA, and Economic Corridor.

He added that they have had enough lessons in history. He said what happened to Panama is not so far when considering Sri Lanka will have to face the same fate as Panama.

MP Dissanayake went onto note that 90% of all ships pass through Hambantota. He noted that ships to Singapore have reduced and soon Hambantota will become the largest income earning harbour in the world.

However, he pointed out that all of it has already been sold to other countries.

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