Thursday, 16th September 2021

Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) to be amended

Colombo, July 13 (BAN/ AD): Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) is set to be amended as Muslim ministers have decided, also including articles governing minimum age limit for marriage & woman’s consent. This announcement was made by MP and President’s Counsel Faiszer Musthapha on Saturday.

MP Faiszer posted on Twitter “I am pleased to announce that the following amendments to the Muslim Marriage Act were unanimously agreed upon yesterday after discussions with all the Sri Lankan Muslim parliamentarians.”

Under the current Muslim law in Sri Lanka a girl can be married without her consent as soon as she comes of age. Her parents have the authority to declare her marriageable. The Muslim MPs have decided to amend the MMDM so that the age of marriage for both the bride and the groom should be 18 years.

Also other changes to act are the bride should sign the Register of Marriage as a sign of her consent. Kadi should have required qualification and also female Kadis are allowed.

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