Friday, 16th April 2021

Netherlands provides Rs. 14 billion financial assistance to construct bridges and training institute

Colombo, Oct 16 (BAN/ AD): On Thursday Government of Netherlands and Sri Lankan government have signed 2 agreements wherein Rs. 14 billion financial assistance for the construction of 200 rural bridges and the establishment of a vocational training institute in Polonnaruwa will be provided by Netherlands.

On Thursday 10th October 2019, Government of Sri Lanka and Rabobank of the Netherlands signed agreements to provide financial assistance amounting to EUR 70.7 million (Approximately Rs. 14.1 billion) for construction of rural bridges and Establishment of National Vocational Training Institute.

The financing agreement was signed by Secretary to the Ministry of Finance, Dr. R. H. S. Samaratunga and Director- Rabobank, Han Bartelds, in the presence of the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Ms. Tanja Gonggrijp, at the Ministry of Finance.

A large number of lagging villages will be facilitated with transport facilities through this program. Total of 200 bridges will be constructed. One of the most priorities of the Government of Sri Lanka is to make competent people who will be participating in the national development of the country. The Rabobank of the Netherlands will provide two Export Credit Facilities to cover 75% of the each contract cost.

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