Saturday, 18th September 2021

New Zealand grants refugee status to Lankan woman raped, beaten by husband

Auckland, Aug 14 (BAN/ AD): A 39 year old Lankan woman has been granted refugee status by New Zealand. The woman suffered domestic violence as her spouse used to beat her, repeatedly strangle her in front of their young son.

Initially her application was rejected by a refugee and protection officer, later she approached the Immigration and Protection Tribunal at Auckland in June. Last month tribunal’s gave decision that 39-year-old and her 12-year-old son would be persecuted if they returned to Sri Lanka. The tribunal heard that the woman’s husband had regularly beaten, raped and verbally abused her since the couple wed in 2005 and beaten their son when he tried to protect his mother.

The tribunal decided “After the tuk-tuk incident, the mother was increasingly concerned that her husband would kill her and wanted to escape him.”

The woman came to NZ in 2017 on a visitor visa hoping to find employement. However, despite her being offered a job, Immigration New Zealand declined her application for a work visa because “she was not considered to be suitably qualified”.

Her husband had warned to kill her when he came to know she didn’t intend to return. The tribunal was satisfied that she and her son would “face a real chance of serious harm” if they returned to Sri Lanka, where marital rape is legal.

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