Saturday, 4th December 2021

No support from UN for Rohingya relocation to Remote Island

Dhaka, Nov 04 (BAN/ AD): As Rohingya crisis is not finding solution Bangladesh plans to move Rohingya’s from overcrowded refugee camps to Bhashan Char were “uncertain” yesterday, after authorities failed to gain support from UN agencies. UN is said to be not very happy with relocation plans.

As per official sources thousands of Rohingya families have volunteered to move to remote island and will be hoing ahead between mid-November to February during calm seas. The relocation will ease congestedrefugee camps in Cox Bazaar.

Government wants to move around 100,000 people to the mud-silt island, as frustration grows with the presence of the squalid tent settlements. Authorities have said thousands of Rohingya families have volunteered to relocate.

But the plan was in doubt as the UN has not supported the relocation so far, Disaster Management and Relief Minister Md Enamur Rahman. He added “This has become uncertain” “They (UN agencies) still haven’t agreed to the relocation plan.”

UNHCR spokesman Louise Donovan told his agency offered “to engage constructively” with Bangladesh but said the relocation had to be “voluntary”.

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