Wednesday, 22nd September 2021

Paddy driers to be provided to farmers for increasing potential

Colombo, Aug 17 (BAN/ AD): To facilitate farmers earn more money from their crops government has decided to provide paddy driers. Post harvesting paddy needs to be dried properly for safe storage. The delay in drying, incomplete drying or uneven drying will result in the loss of the anticipated standard of the rice.

Most farmers face paddy drying problem and they are forced to sell their wet paddy stock at a lower price. President Maithripala Sirisena at the request of the Non Cabinet Minister of Economic Reforms and Public Distribution, Dr. Harsha de Silva has made a proposal to provide paddy driers.

As per proposal mobile drier with a capacity of 2 metric tons (MT) valued at Rs.3 million (without tax) and a fixed drier with a capacity of 6 MT valued at Rs. 6 million (without tax) for five farmer organizations each in the Polonnaruwa District adopting a mechanism for recovering the expenditure incurred by the Government.

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