Monday, 17th May 2021

PM Advisor Rizvi: Rohingya crisis will escalate as biggest security threat to South Asia

Dhaka, July 03 (BAN/ AD): Dr Gowher Rizvi PM’s International Affairs Adviser has warned that the Rohingya crisis will escalate to become the biggest security threat to South Asian countries. He also mentioned its security threat of both Bangladesh and India.

He said “The long-running Rohingya crisis is now Bangladesh’s problem, but it will be the entire world’s problem tomorrow.” He added “All countries of the world should be concerned about what is happening in Myanmar.”

As peradvisor the plight of the Rohingyas from Myanmar to Bangladesh was not the result of localized, intercommunal, or inter-sectarian conflict, according to the prime minister’s international affairs.

He said Myanmar army’s atrocities against the Rohingya as “deliberate, planned, and genocidal.” He also accused Myanmar of systematically eliminating Muslim minorities from its region.

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