Friday, 6th August 2021

PM: Freedom of expression given and eliminated white van culture

Colombo, Sep 30 (BAN/ AD): PM ranil has said that his government has successfully promoted freedom of expression to the people which no government has done till date and has also urged people to vote for Presidential candidate of the United National Front.

On Sunday at PM residence Temple Trees Prime Minister said the white van culture had disappeared with the establishment of democratic freedom by the current government. He was addressing gathering of a group of politicians representing the United National Front and Civil Society activists.

He said UNF candidate Sajith Premadasa was right candidate and people should support him to win the parliamentary election to form a majority government. PM said “We will field Sajith Premadasa as our candidate. We hope to win the parliamentary election, to get the majority, to do the work that could not be done by the minority government.”

PM added “We have been involved in many battles. We all work together so we can talk freely today. You can act freely. Today we have that democratic freedom in Sri Lanka. No one can be abused or influenced.”

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