Friday, 16th April 2021

PM Ranil: Jaffna to witness major development soon

Jaffna, Aug 16 (BAN/ AD): PM Ranil has said that his government has major plans to rebuild and develop the war-torn North and elevate Jaffna to a major city of Sri Lanka as in the past. He told in next 5 years Jaffna will see major major economic boom.

Inaugrating the first phase of the Myliddy Fisheries Harbor in Jaffna he said people should join hands in the path of development. The first phase of the Myliddy Fisheries Harbor completed at a cost of Rs. 150 million was vested with the public by the Prime Minister.

PM also inaugurated the Thirunelveli Agricultural Research Center built at a cost of Rs.30 million in Jaffna. Mr. Wickremesinghe revealed that with the Mayor of Jaffna steps have been taken to plan and build the new Jaffna city.

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