Saturday, 18th September 2021

PM says setting up a national health insurance scheme top priority

Colombo, Oct 23 (BAN/ AD): In a bid towards improving the health sector of the country and all citizens Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe revealed that next big priority of his government is to establish a National Health Insurance Scheme. Under this scheme all the people in the country will have access to health services.

On Tuesday PM was addressing the inauguration of the annual conference National Health Research Symposium 2019 when he said professionals in the field of healthcare are expected to contribute to the development of nation.

PM said “Promotion of the country’s inadequate health research sector will facilitate to move forward the program we have started.” He added “I have to commend the Minister. He had made a qualitative difference in the health services of our country. And we are proud of it.”

PM said the funding for the research will have to be increased from the Rs. 2 billion presently to Rs. 5 billion in the future.

He said “On the 2 billion that we are giving for research, the government will have to go up to about 5 billion. That is necessary. But to give 5 billion without changing the structure, I feel that will not get you the best results. So you have to change the base and have more research institutions as you go along.”

The conference is under the name “Transforming Primary Health Care by Generating Evidence, Best practices & Innovations” held for 2 days and organized by the education, Training and Research Unit of the Ministry of Health.

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