Thursday, 16th September 2021

Police raids fake document centre, two suspect arrested

Colombo, Jun 25 (BAN/CD): Wellawaya Police raided a house in Ratnapura yesterday, where counterfeit government documents were processed. Two suspects have been arrested so far.

The police found the centre at Bodhiwardanarama Road in Kospelawinna Ratnapura after a suspect arrested in the Wellawaya Town with seven fake licenses revealed they were issued by the Geological and Mining Bureau, while under investigation by the police.

The suspect, a resident (63) of Kospelawinna Ratnapura, had used a secret room in his house for processing the fake documents. Police have also found a computer, scanner and two printers.

Among the fake official documents taken into custody are: 15 land title deeds prepared under the names of various lawyers, 23 assessment bills of Ratnapura Municipal Council, eight Mining and Geological Bureau permits without numbers, nine transport permits without numbers and another 19 numbered licenses, 17 national identity cards, nine marriage certificates,12 grama niladhari certificates, 29 birth certificates, eight health record books of infants, six land register folios, a land entitlement certificate of the Land Reforms Commission, four vehicle registration books and several electricity bills.



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