Friday, 24th September 2021

Post Easter attacks NAITA training activities back on track in tourism sector

Colombo, OCT 21 (BAN/ AD): Policy Development Office of the PM office today has said that National Apprentice and Industrial Authority (NAITA) trainees in the tourism sector, who lost their training opportunities at hotels after Easter Sunday attack, have been called back to the NAITA.

After deadly Easter Sunday attacks most NAITA trainees in the Tourism sector temporary lost their training opportunities. National Apprentice and Industrial Authority is the leading organization that provides skill training based on utilization of capacity of the industry through apprentices.

Further the NAITA has made available online the basic training guides for the following popular NAITA courses in Automobile Sector, Electrical & Electronic sector, Health Sector, Hotel & Tourism and Agriculture & Livestock. These training modules can be downloaded from the NAITA website



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