Monday, 12th April 2021

President Sirisena says death penalty decision will not be reversed

Colombo, Jul 15(BAN/CD): President Maithripala Sirisena states that if a proposal to suspend the death penalty is brought to parliament, that the particular day will be marked as a day of national mourning.

The President made this comment at a ceremony held in Embilipitiya this morning (July 14) to provide 5000 residents of the Mahaweli region with land deeds.

He further claimed that he will not allow drug addicts and criminals to distort the future of the country’s children.

The President said that just like all the measures taken against the spread of drugs in the country, that the decision to implement the death penalty will also not be reversed.

He continued to say that certain people express opposition over this decision as per the requirements of various foreign forces.

The President further highlighted the need for creating an active voice within the people who truly love and care for this country and its future generation, to support this decision.



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