Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Presidential candidate Senanayake vows to downsize cabinet to 20

Colombo, Oct 25 (BAN/ AD): Presidential candidate Gen. Mahesh Senanayake has said if elected he will downsize cabinet to 20 ministers. He is former Army Commander and National People’s Party presidential candidate. On Friday during the launch of his National People’s Party’s election manifesto he made this announcement.

Gen. Senanayake said he will create one country and establish one and equal law to all. He told “Every cabinet minister is entitled to work with a sense of financial discipline.” He said in past 71 years the country has marched backwards. There has been no much progress in the country.

He said “That’s the very reason why I came forward as an independent candidate representing NPP to make a change in the country.” He added “I pledge my full commitment and responsibility to draft constitutional and legislative changes that are required to make these changes and I am committed to serving the nation – not to rule the nation.”

The tenfold pledge is as follows:

1. Maximise national resources, strengthen agriculture and local production and develop a sustainable export-based economy.

2. Through proper economic management, increase per capita income and reduce poverty.

3. Implement a national programme to build a disciplined, secure and undivided Sri Lanka, free of fear.

4. One and equal law for the whole country.

5. Through an education system that adapts to the changes in the world, empower our youth, and encourage entrepreneurship.

6. Create a society which empowers women, and ensures women are treated with utmost dignity and respect.

7. Pay special attention to children, senior citizens, and people with special needs.

8. A meritocratic social environment, where the right persons are appointed to the right positions.

9. A public service that is empowered by the latest technology, efficient, highly respected and corruption-free.

10. A non-aligned international policy that puts Sri Lanka’s interest to the fore

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