Monday, 12th April 2021

Presidential elections: Around 200,000 officials to be deployed

Colombo, Oct 28 (BAN/ AD): Deputy Elections Commissioner (Administration) JASP Jayasinghe has said for upcoming 2019 Presidential elections around 200,000 state officials will be deployed at polling stations and counting centres.

Deputy Elections Commissioner (Administration) JASP Jayasinghe said that 48,000 government officials are to be deployed for counting votes and around 98,000 government officials will be deployed for duties at polling booths. He also added 10,000 officers will be assigned to different committees such as welfare and transport while a pool of another 10,000 officers will be functioning as well.

Deputy Elections Commissioner told each polling station will have at least eight officers on duty and the number of officers can vary depending on the polling station. He also said if required additional staff will be deployed.

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