Thursday, 24th June 2021

Prison authority assures court death penalty will not be carried out till next week

Colombo, June 28 (BAN/ AD): The court has been assured by the Commissioner General of Prisons that no prisoner will be executed within a week from today. Commissioner General of Prisons TMJW Tennakoon appeared before the Court of Appeal today. He told court that he had not got any orders regarding executions and there were no plans to execute any prisoner in next 7 days.

He had appeared in court in response to a petition filed by Malinda Seneviratne seeking an stay on implementation of the death sentence.

Justice Yasantha Kodagoda, The President of the Court of Appeal asked the Commissioner General of Prisons whether they would execute anyone in next 4 days to which he responded saying no one will be executed in next 7 days.

Petitioners argues Presidents decision to only execute people persons convicted of drug trafficking violates the fundamental right to equal treatment guaranteed under the Constitution, whereas many people been convicted of a number of charges, including drug trafficking and murder are also in death row.


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