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Pulmoddai mining give Rs 100,000 bonus to employees

British Asia News Network – KL

Sri Lanka – 9th April 2019 – Rs 100,000 bonus given by Lanka Mineral Sands Ltd (LMSL) at their Pulmoddai plant, to their employees. Good management and hard working employees have made the (LMSL) Rs 676 million profit. Minister Bathiudeen only regretted the bonus could not have been Rs 125,000 and was curtailed to Rs 100,000 due to recent trade union actions.

In his statement he stated “During the previous weeks there were strikes and other trade union actions here, and they disrupted this plant’s smooth production process. The Trade Unions were drawing the innocent workers to their protests and getting them into trouble. If you have grievances, you should directly complain to the LMSL management instead of resorting to strikes. If these strikes did not take place, you would be collecting a bonus of Rs 125,000 today instead of Rs 100,000. Due to trade union action, bonus rates have come down and you have lost a bigger pay-out”

Minister Bathiudeen added “Some people are speculating that the Pulmoddai mines are to be sold to private buyers. Neither the government nor my Ministry has approved transfer of the profitable Pulmoddai deposits to any local or foreign buyer. As long as these mines are under me, they will not be allowed to be privatised.”

Pulmoddai mining operations celebrated their 61st anniversary on 1st March 2019.

                               Photo Credits LMSL

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