Friday, 16th April 2021

RAB chief appeals to imams on government payroll for support to fight terrorism

Dhaka, Sep 02 (BAN/ AD): Benazir Ahmed RAB chief appeals to imams for support in fighting terrorism. He said combined effort of all, not just law-enforcement agencies is required to counter terrorism. He pointed out that imams are not using their Friday sermons to preach against terrorism and drugs which are forbidden in Islam.

RAB chief said “We see they make political statements,” said Ahmed, the elite force’s the director general. “If you want to do politics, form a political party. Don’t use mosques.” “I personally believe that all imams should be brought under the government pay scheme. Then it’ll be easy [to fight terrorism].”

He was speaking at the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute on how to prevent ‘radicalisation and violent extremism through empowering youths’ in Dhaka on Wednesday.

He said “But there is no chance of complacency. Unless the global terrorism diminishes, it’s very difficult to sterilise Bangladesh.”

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