by Sushma Lobo

London, Sep 23 : As we visited the official launch of the Rickshaw ride we met many personalities and many people taking part to raise money for such a great cause. Event held at the Kingsbury Swaminarayan temple.

With a total of 90 participants all present ready and eager to start training supported by charity ambassador ‘Mrs Universe Charity Woman 2018/19’ Dimps Sanghani.

With a talk delivered by Harrish Budia prepping all participants for the event and what was to come. All fule cost would be shared by all participants, all hotel accommodation options were talked about, how their luggage would travel with them. Health and safety of the rickshaw riders and teams were prepped on what to do what not to do-exciting times ahead as December is coming up fast. Harrish tells the participants in the training session “The school started in room the quarter of the size of this with 30 children, they ate, slept and lived in this room. It has now been built up accommodate 120 students over two floors with a separate living quarters.”

A successful event and supported by Councillor Muhammed Butt leader of Brent council said to British Asia News “I am here today because Kingsbury Mandir has organised a event with SEWA UK to try and raise £150,000 for a charity in Pune India to help at least 850 children a year who are born deaf, anything we can do to help support young children have hope aspirations a brighter future is something I want to be part of. Money is one aspect but the commitment and dedication of all these individuals and when you bring all that together you can achieve a lot more. Sewa is about serving, sewa is about helping the less able than you, give that person a helping hand make sure they stand side by side not behind giving that future they deserve”.

Mrs Universe Charity 2018 Dimps Sanghani tells British Asia News “These organisations are running out of space, money, resources, tutors, so we are going to help and support them to raise £150,000 with the help of auto rickshaw ride. So the whole idea is to build a pre school so let’s together raise to give them life so they can smile”.

An incredible way to see, smell, taste and feel India. The opportunity to see some of the wonderful sights of India crossing 4 States and meeting the people of India in a way not otherwise possible.
Plus, driving one these little rickshaws is just a damn hoot!

Raising funds for a center for hearing impairments and cochlea implants in Pune.

If you don’t know if you have the spirit for adventure, then the sewaUK Rickshaw Run is a good test for that. They have complete confidence you’ll remember every moment and hate that moment when you have to get back to reality !!!

Any idiot can drive a rickshaw badly, and with a bit of practice so can you.

Don’t forget “HORN IS OK” 

A journey of a lifetime in engineering’s finest 3-wheeled creation taking place between 8th to 21st December-2019.

Watch British Asia News Keith Lobo interviews with Milan who is participating, ambassador Dimps Sanghani, Councilor Muhammed Butt.




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