Thursday, 23rd September 2021

‘Ready to provide guidance’ – Minister Devananda

Sri Lanka, Nov. 1 — Resettlement, Rehabilitation, Northern Development and Hindu Religious Affairs Minister Douglas Devananda assumed duties at his ministry yesterday.

Minister Devananda said this opportunity had arisen for him once again because of the lack of service provided to the people during the period of the previous government and therefore, people’s representatives should provide a proper service to the people at the correct time without cheating them.

The minister added that if certain issues barred officers from delivering a service to the people, he would stand against them and that anyone can visit him at anytime to present issues.

He said, “We shall act to solve burning issues of people without any irregularity and I am ready to provide the support, guidance and assistance to officers. Any political figure can be here. However, public officers should commit to continue the government policy appropriately.”

Minister Devananda added: “the President and Prime Minister have appointed an experienced and skilled Secretary to this ministry. I have great faith in him.”

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