Saturday, 18th September 2021

Rickshaw-pullers block Dhaka streets in protest of ban

Dhaka, July 9 (BAN/ AD): Rickshaw pullers have continued their strike blocking Dhaka streets which has created huge traffic congestion in some areas. The protest began by blocking roads that connect Malibagh and Khilgaon to Kuril area on Tuesday morning.

Police officials say “Several hundred rickshaw-pullers took to the street and put barricades on both carriageways in front of Better Life hospital around 8am.”Because of protest huge tailbacks occurred on both sides of the road, inflicting sufferings on commuters.

The major trouble is for students and office-goers who were stuck in traffic. Several were seen walking to reach their destinations.

The ban has been imposed in a bid to ease traffic congestion in the Dhaka. Since Sunday plying of rickshaws on the streets, illegal parking and misuse of footpaths have been prohibited. The three roads are Kuril-Sayedabad road by Rampura and Khilgaon, Gabtoli to Azimpur via Asad Gate and Science Laboratory intersection to Shahbagh intersection.

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