Friday, 24th September 2021

Sanath Jayasuriya himself clarifies on fake rumours of his death

Colombo, May 27 (BAN/ AD): Sanath himself has given a statement refusing the rumours.As per reports cricketer was in Toronto, Canada on May 20 and met with an accident there. ‘A man was hit by a Honda Civic car died in the hospital and they had identified him as Sanath Jayasuriya,’ it stated. As this news spread like wildfire several concerned fans took to social media. He has 9.45 million followers on Twitter.

Sanath had himself denied the news about his car accident on his Twitter account. On May 21, Sanath had said, “Please disregard fake news by malicious websites regarding my health and well being. I am in Sri lanka and have not visited Canada recently. Please avoid sharing fake news.”

Earlier this year, Jayasuriya was banned for two years from all cricket-related activity by the ICC’s anti-corruption unit. The former Sri Lanka captain was punished for refusing to co-operate with investigations concerning corruption in the country.

Monday morning unverified reports claimed death of Sanath Jayasuriya. It found a lot of attention on social media and messaging portals suddenly even the cricketing fraternity wasn’t sure what was happening.

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