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London: “Heal the world, Make it a better place, For you and for me, And the entire human race “ – Michael Jackson

Using music to heal the world is not a concept of the West alone. A unique music-based charity for creating awareness about mental health among the Asian diaspora in London, is the Sangeet Foundation, founded by Sutapa Ray, a school teacher and Jayanta Ray, a senior IT professional. A musician, Jayanta is planning on a series of events and shows through the Foundation, with renowned musicians to spread consciousness and celebrate the World Happiness Day on 20th March.

Bollywood classical playback singer Barnali Chattopadhyay, a favourite disciple of the legendary Girija Devi of Benaras Gharana will be the star for a programme on the 16th March 2019 followed by programmes during the week in and around London. Barnali will be regaling the audience with innovative delivery of Kabir’s verses, Sufiana music, North Indian folk and semi-classical presentations such as Thumri.

“Sangeet Foundation aspires to provide “Happiness through Music” by bringing to you upcoming and renowned heroes of music, and addressing issues of mental well-being by raising awareness, and working with various charities that address mental health issues,” said Jayanta Ray, Founder of Sangeet Foundation.

“The theme “Happiness Through Music” will showcase the power music has and is therapeutic for people suffering from plain unhappiness to mental health issues such as Autism, ADHD, Clinical Anxiety, Depression,” he added.

The event is being endorsed by celebrities Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Grammy Award Winner), Anup Jalota (Bhajan and Ghazal King), Muzaffar Ali (director of Umrao Jaan and famous Bollywood producer / director) and Mira Ali (famous designer for Bollywood and other celebrities) .

The event is being endorsed by celebrities Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Grammy Award Winner) and Muzzafar Ali (director of Umrao Jaan and famous Bollywood producer / director).

Reference :

Programme Name: Yogi

Artiste: Barnali Chattopadhyay (favourite disciple of Girija Devi) of Benaras Gharana

Hosted by: Lajvanti Ganguli

Date: 16th March 2019

Programme Length: 3 hrs

Venue: Ditton Park Academy, Kings Reach, Slough SL3 7UX

In Aid of: Sky Sharma Foundation, London

Show Details:

– Talk by mental health experts on mental health and how music can be therapeutic

– Talks by caregivers / parents and people dealing with mental health issues

– Show by Barnali showcasing “Happiness Through Music”


This will be followed up by a show at the SOAS University on the 17th of March.


About Barnali Chattopadhyay:

Barnali Chattopadhyay, born into a family which encouraged the art of music helped Barnali acquire the taste of this enchanting dynamics. She received guidance from the great musicologist Dr.Kumar Prasad Mukhopadhyay (Agra Gharana). Her expertise surfaced as she embraced the flavor of Banaras, while being a sincere disciple of renowned vocalist Vidushi Purnima Chaudhuri(a devoted disciple of Pandit Mahadev Prasad Mishra). She also seeked the essence of her music from Thumri queen Shobha Gurtu . She remained under the able guidance of the legendary Thumri Singer Padmavibhushan Girija Devi Until her sudden demise. 

Walking the pathway of music, her mellifluous voice and delicate renditions shrouded with aesthetic intricacies in Thumri made her earn rave reviews extensively for her performances. Her soulful voice has been showcased while she have had lent her voice with legendary music exponent Dr.Balmurari Krishnan, Vidushi Girija Devi ,Vidushi Purnima Chaudhuri , Pt. Jagdish Prasad and many other noted musicians including Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota Ji.across the country.She has been extensively performing at distinguished platforms across the country .

She along with ace bollywood directors like Muzaffar Ali set to tune the dohas of Wajid Ali Shah revamping the soul of romanticism through Sufi and Thumri. Barnali envelopes her gayaki in music through her fineness in Sufi, Thumri and Bhajan staying rooted to the core of traditional music. Her latest playback has been in the famous Bengali film “Asche Abar Shabor “called ” Kaise Manaun Shyam “. She has also staged at the prestigious Jahan e Khusrau Festival under the aegis of Muzaffar Ali in March 2018 which garnered her a standing ovation from a massive crowd . Her recent performance in Jodhpur’s renowned Dhwaja Festival 2018 has also helped her win the hearts of thousands . She has been collaborating with many eminent musicians and also supreme music organisers all across the country .Barnali’s expertise has also led her to collaborate with The Honourable Governor of West Bengal Dr . Kesrinath Tripathi where in she has put to tune and composed the poems written by the Governor himself . Recently her stunning performance at the Mahindra Kabira Festival in Varanasi 2018 has left the audience mesmerised . She is all set to stage at the prestigious and global platform of Jaipur Literature Festival 2019 as well as the distinguished Jahan E Khusrau Festival in March 2019, Delhi.

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