Sunday, 19th September 2021

Sarkari Chakori Ain new law comes into effect starting Oct 1

Dhaka, Sep 27 (BAN/ AD): Starting Oct 1 new law protecting Govt employees will come into effect. As per new law no arrest without permission; only the president can rescind job dismissals. The new law is named “Sarkari Chakori Ain” (Government Job Act) which prohibits the arrest of government employees by law enforcement without prior approval.

Ministry of Public Administration website published the notification on Thursday. The law has 62 sections covering many provisions relating to the control and jurisdiction of government, appointments, promotions, transfers, salaries and benefits, discipline, and the code of conduct for government employees.

The law is not applicable to eleven types of offices including constitutional positions, the Election commission, the Supreme Court, and public universities. The cabinet gave final approval to the draft of the “Sarkari Chakori Ain” on August 20 last year.

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