Tuesday, 21st September 2021

Saudi Arabia deports more than 200 Bangladeshi workers

Dhaka, Oct 26 (BAN/ AD): On Friday Saudi Arabia has deported more than 200 bangladeshi workers. Till 11.30 pm Friday more than 200 Bangladeshi workers have returned home from Saudi Arabia amid a crackdown on illegal workers by the Saudi authorities.

Brac Migration Program along with the Expatriate Welfare desk, helped those workers return home safely. In 2019 around 16,000 workers have been deported by Saudi Arabia. Brac with the help of Wage Earners’ Welfare Board (WEWB) assisted about 804 workers this month alone.

One of the deported workers said: “As I exited the mosques after praying salat, the Arab police detained me and arranged for me to be deported without even examining my documents.” All the returnees demanded that the government of Bangladesh take necessary measures in this regard so that no expatriates have to face a situation similar to this.

Brac representative said “Before, many workers were deported as they did not have proper work permits; however, this time, the majority of them are saying that they were returned in spite of having legal documents.”

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