Monday, 12th April 2021

SLPP supporters attack UNP rally in Polonnaruwa

Colombo, Nov 06 (BAN/ AD): On Tuesday Yasas de Silva Attorney-at-law has filed a complaint with the Election Commission alleging that a UPFA Pradeshiya Sabha member had attacked supporters of Sajith Premadasa’s rally in Bakamuna, Polonnaruwa.

He has said that these kind of incidents set a bad example and police have already begun investigations into the attack. He told on Sunday the UNP supporters in Ambalantota have been attacked and shops were set on fire.

Mr. Silva said some opposition groups have started to use violence in a very low level to frighten people.

Attorney-at-law said “Today that uncivilized system is gone, but when the election process is proceeding peacefully, the opposition groups unleashing terror is a bad precedent. It should be nipped in the bud.”

Mr. Yasas de Silva has requested the Commissioner of Elections to issue an order to the IGP to take stern action against the culprits and strictly enforce the law.



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