Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Sri Lanka beware of ATM card skimming devices

British Asia News Network

Sri Lanka: The Finance Sector Computer Security Incident Response Team (FINCSIRT) has requested that the general public keep a check over their bank account balances and be aware of unauthorized withdrawals for those, who use Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards.

The warning was issued after several complaints received by the FINCSIRT over the hacking of bank accounts recently.

Card skimmers are installed at ATM’s in isolated places, which the criminals can get easy access to. They fix on the ATM machine a skimmer which is very similar to an ATM card slot. Basically, a fake keypad which is fixed on top of the existing keypad.

They also add hidden cameras so that they can see you type your PIN number into the pad. These devices capture the details stored on the magnetic strip of your card.

Mr Wickramasekara has advised the ATM card users to seriously using their mobile banking facilities which will give alerts as and when their card is in use.

He also added that before using an ATM be sure to inspect it with a sharp eye. Check for obvious signs of tampering such as dents or any broken parts.

The easiest way to detect a card skimmer is by gently touching or pushing the card reader and keypad. Card skimmers and fake keypads can be easily removed so if any part of the ATM doesn’t feel firmly secured, then you might have found a skimmer. He also added that one should be sure to cover the keypad when entering the PIN number in order to protect it from hidden cameras. 

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