Friday, 16th April 2021

Sri Lanka halts artificial rain project

Colombo, March 27 (IANS): Sri Lanka on Wednesday said it has halted its artificial rain project in drought-hit areas due to lack of moisture in the clouds.

The Power and Energy Ministry said that following the success of its pilot project carried out above the Maussakelle Reservoir last week, which caused heavy rains for 45 minutes, the project has been temporarily halted because clouds did not contain sufficient moisture to trigger artificial rains, Xinhua news agency reported.

“As far as triggering artificial rains in the Maussakelle and Castlereight catchment areas is concerned, we have to further examine whether it is worthwhile to continue as there is no moisture in the clouds,” General Manager of Ceylon Electricity Board S.D.W. Gunawardana said.

The Sri Lankan government on March 22 successfully tested artificial rains above the Maussakelle reservoir area to provide clean water to hundreds of families.

An Air Force helicopter was used to spray chemicals on the clouds, 8,000 feet above the reservoir, resulting in 45 minutes of rains.

Hundreds of families remain affected by months of severe drought due to lack of rains and delayed monsoon rains in central parts of Sri Lanka.


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