Monday, 12th April 2021

Sri Lanka ignored Indian agency alert regarding terror attacks

British Asia News Network- AD

Colombo, May 1: Sri Lanka had not taken Indian warning regarding possible terror attack and the involvement of extremists. Sri Lanka misunderstood it to India’s bid to create rift between Sri Lanka And Pakistan. Defense secretary and police chief who sacked now had claimed that India is trying to create disturbance between Lanka and Pakistan.

The Easter Sunday attack has taken lives of 253 people and injured some 500 at churches and posh hotels across nation leaving whole world shocked. Sri Lanka has always kept good relations with Pakistan. During fight against LTTE ISI officials had helped Lankan army. Lanka had even allowed Pakistan Air Force refueling facilities during the 1971 War.

The Lankan security apparatus was also apparently casual with the Indian alert as they did not comprehend any threat from jihadists after defeating the LTTE, rued the above-mentioned person.

The Lankan government was always cautious and didn’t want any rift between Buddhists any Muslim community.

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