Saturday, 18th September 2021

Sri Lankan man charged in Dubai for stealing 15 million Pound diamond

Britasia News Team

A Sri Lankan has been charged for stealing a diamond worth 15 million pounds in Dubai.

The 37-year-old Sri Lankan, who worked at a company at the free zone of the
Dubai International Airport, stole the gem and then sought shelter at a 38-year-old fellow                    citizen’s room.The fellow citizen has been charged with sheltering a criminal.

The incident occured between May 25 and June 20.

Another accused is missing and has been charged in absentia of aiding and abetting by
smuggling the stone out of the UAE via a shipping agency in his name. The first two
accused are behind bars.

The accused confessed to a police sergeant that he had planned to steal the stone with
runaway accomplice.

On May 25, he went to work wearing a winter coat and took the stone out of the safe 
and hid it under his coat.

He later went to his friend’s place in Hor Al Anz where they hid the stone in the 
latter’s shoe. They then arranged to ship it with some clothes out of the UAE by
express service.

The officer told the prosecutor that the second accused travelled home after
smuggling the stone.

The officers checked the surveillance cameras which captured the security officer
entering the safe room and looking suspicious as he wore the coat even though it 
was hot then.He was also caught on cameras stealing the gem.

A Jordanian manager,told the company about the missing stone. He was resigning and
had to present an inventory of the items that were kept in the safe while he was
on the job on May 28.He found that the bag in which the stone box was kept had been damaged.

verdict in the case will be pronounced on October 18.

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