Tuesday, 21st September 2021

Sri Lankan security forces accused of obstructing journalist by IFJ

Colombo, July 26 (BAN/ AD): Security forces have been accused of obstructing a journalist of a local newspaper from covering an event. The IFJ said a journalist was obstructed from reporting on a Sri Lankan Air Force Commander’s visit to a Buddhist monastery in Kandy on Sunday, July 21.

In an official statement IFJ said “On Sunday journalist M.N. Aminullah from local newspaper Lake House was blocked by security personnel from covering a Sri Lankan Air Force Commander’s visit to the chief incumbent of the Asgiriya prelate – a Buddhist monastery. Despite being invited officially by the air force to cover the visit, Aminullah was denied from carrying out his job without proper explanation. This came in spite of showing his media accreditation to the security personnel and explaining he was there on a professional basis.”

“We, the Free Media Movement, wish to emphasize that it is the responsibility of the relevant authorities to ensure ? journalists [can] conduct their profession freely, without obstruction, irrespective of their social status of ethnicity,” FMM said in a statement.

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