Saturday, 18th September 2021

Sri Lankan tourism in turmoil

Colombo, June 10 (BAN/ AD): The end of LTTE terror problem, mainly in the North of the island, lasted over 30 years with several governments struggling to control the LTTE. Almost remarkably Rajapaksa government brought end to LTTE. The main beneficiary was the country’s tourism sector. Millions of dollars were poured into developing tourism as well as developing infrastructure.

With 180,000 people working in the hotel industry, The Colombo hotels reported an average Rs 50,000 per month as service charge pre 21/4. On that basis and using an average of Rs 25,000 per month across the industry, a colossal sum of Rs 4,500 Million has been missing from the economy with the May 2019.

Post Easter Sunday stacks the effects of the hotel industry at peril also means that suppliers of perishables to the hotels have been severely hit. A salesman supplying chicken to shops and hotels says that from a daily supply of 1,500 kg he is now struggling to get orders for just 200kg every day.

The Lankan airline is also loosing money everyday. The carrier enjoys various exclusive arrangements at the airports meaning that other airlines are paying higher than average charges to use the facilities at Colombo.

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