Friday, 24th September 2021

Sri Lanka’s McLarens Holdings eye automobile component

Colombo Dec 18 (BAN/SL): Sri Lanka’s McLarens Holdings, has started an advanced engineering and productivity enhancement business and will start making automobiles components said the companies group chairman, Rohan De Silva. The company originally have been in the shopping sector.

It’s aim is to boost productivity in Sri Lanka’s apparel industry. De Silva said, “We are currently working closely with the apparel sector, with discussions already in place with three potential partners to expand into automobile components manufacturing,” “We hired engineers and started innovating machinery for local industry by improving their current manufacturing capacity,” De Silva said.

“And we found that we could outsource these products to buyers overseas and locally….Top apparel groups which has factories in Sri Lanka and overseas has already ordered over 100 machines”, he added.

The groups innovative team has designed machinery with technology that can double some factories outputs.
“In Sri Lanka electricity was the biggest cost faced by manufacturers followed by labour”. De Silva said.

McLarens is eyeing other industrial sectors and is ready to make the required investments.

“Since it is the largest industry in Sri Lanka, we have started off with the apparel sector” and he also stated that they will look at other industries.

“The budget for 2020 is a 100 million rupees. If confirmations from other high-end sectors like railway and aviation come in, then it will call for a bigger investment from our end.”


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